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Android accessibility comes into the picture as it helps change the lives of disabled people, especially the visually impaired ones. This site provides honest reviews about online casino apps that visually impaired people can use easily. There is also an android for the blind, which makes the utilization of Android a lot easier. So, to the visually impaired, this is still possible. Technology is improving every day, and legal casinos with mobile casino support, are working tirelessly not to leave the visually impaired people behind the train of development. They even have generous bonuses for them that can go up to $3000 extra money 300% matching the deposit. A lot of apps are developed daily, and having to go through everything as a blind person in search of an app that gives more Android accessibility is time-consuming and stressful.

Top 5 Best Accessibility Android Apps for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Here are some of the best accessibility apps for android for the visually impaired:

  • AccessNote

AccessNote is an iOS and Android notetaker app launched by the American Foundation. This app creates accessibility by working hand in hand with the VoiceOver to produce a systematic and a feature-rich note-taking aid.

  • Dragon Dictator

Dragon Dictator app is one of the android apps for visually impaired users. It allows you to dictate your message, add punctuation verbally, and you’d receive it on your screen instantly. After recording your message, you have different delivery options such as text, social media share, copy and paste, and email.

  • Evernote

The Evernote app gives users more android accessibility by taking notes in the form of text, pictures and voice recordings. Users are also given a list of mediums to share it between multiple devices. Photographs can be scanned for writing as it supports VoiceOver.

  • Kindle app

Kindle app is one of the android apps for the blind that users can use to download books from amazon.com. Some supportive features of the apps that give the visually impaired users more android accessibility include larger prints, human narrator, and computer-generated speech.

  • Audible

The Audible app supports both iPhone and Android devices. It provides easy access to a vast selection of Audiobooks, including academic titles.

Online Video Games that Open the Door for the Blind to Play

Online casinos have also developed online poker for the blind, but they are still working to create better conditions and a more diverse choice of casino games for the blind to play. Navigate here to find what online legal casinos offer these games and to get free bonus to start playing. Here are some of the best online casino video games out there.

  • BlindSide

This android accessibility app makes it feasible for the blind to have fun playing the game. This app is a horror game where the player acts as a professor who finds himself blind in the middle of an apocalypse.

  • Three Monkey

This game is an adventure game inspired by Romany Lore. It features open-world exploration, puzzles, hunting and fighting.

  • Papa Sangre

Papa Sangre is a video game app voiced by Sean Bean. It is a simple game that uses simple touch controls to give visually impaired people android accessibility to walk until they eventually escape the world of the dead.

  • The Nightjar

Benedict Cumberbatch voices the Nightjar app is an action-packed video game about spaceships. In the game, Benedict Cumberbatch leads you through the spacecraft occupied by unfriendly and mysterious life forms and plunged into darkness.

Best Mobile Games Apps for the Blind

Mobile casinos are developing casino games to make them accessible for the blind and visually impaired, so they can provide their satisfaction of experiencing the online gambling too. For those who are looking for the best mobile no deposit bonuses, click here to find out more because we’ve done the job for you and listed you the best no deposit offers available out there on the market. Check out some of the best mobile games below.

  • Lockpick

LockPick is a game where the player struggles to open a lock with a pick. The game makes use of the phone’s motion sensor for Android accessibility and to direct the user. The player would need to tilt the phone as well as make use of the volume button to open the lock.

  • Eyes-free Golf

There are special indicating features that allow users to know the position of the golf ball. It makes it easier for the visually impaired play the game with ease. Vibration and sound are used to check winning status, making android accessibility plausible.

  • Eyes-free Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a game where you are to flag all the boxes with a bomb. It is a logical and classy game for people to use to while away boredom. The Eyes-free Minesweeper is exclusively for the visually impaired users as they have more android accessibility in this game.

  • Zarodnik BFG

The game features 3D sound giving the blind more android accessibility and makes it easier for them to play the game. Zarodnik BFG is a monster story. The target of the game is to become a dreadful predator in the ocean.

The Future of Immersive Gaming Gear for the Blind

Every day, researchers keep exploring how they can make the real world computerized. They also want to bring the better-augmented gaming experience to the blind, especially giving more android accessibility. Today some of the biggest games are set in immense worlds where every pebble and leaf is computationally rendered to make it so full of life.

Technology is improving at a very high rate. As a result, visually impaired people can have access to their special gaming gear or an accessibility app for android. This gaming gear makes use of haptic feedback and an excellent 3D sound system, making it possible for the blind to find their way around and know what’s going on. And with augmented and virtual reality, one can take things from the real world and use them to change what happens in the game you’re playing.

So, the shape of your room, where you’re sitting, people around you, among other things, can influence the game. Imagine being able to take the characteristics of the real-life physical environment and blend them into digital spaces and games.

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